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Snap UPdateSM Archives

FCC Adopts Rules Allowing Interconnected VoIP Providers to Directly Purchase Phone Numbers- 6-29-15
FCC Set To Fine AT&T for Allegedly Misleading Consumers and Open Internet Rule Violations- 6-18-15
House Bill Seeks to Stall Net Neutrality Rules- 6-11-15
FCC Chairman Wheeler Announces Proposal to Tighten Telemarketing Rules- 5-27-15
FCC Imposes New Regulatory Fee on Toll Free Numbers- 5-26-15
First Appeals of Net Neutrality Rules- 3-27-15
Summary of Net Neutrality Rules - 3-24-15
FCC Adopts Policy Statement Implementing Treble Damages for Failure to Pay Regulatory Fees - 3-09-15

Net Neutrality Magic - 3-02-15
FCC Considers Preempting State Laws Limiting Internet Access Operated by Cities - 2-04-15
Net Neutrality Developments- 2-03-15
FCC Adopts Additional Text-to-911 Rules - 9-24-14
TCPA Case Law and FCC Petitions Update- 4-29-14
DC Circuit Court of Appeals Vacates Part of FCC;s Net Neutrality Rules - 1-24-14
FCC’s New Telemarketing Rules Now in Effect - 10-17-13
Select Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines - 1-9-13
Select Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines - 12-27-12
FCC Adopts Rules to Stop "Robocalls" Targeting Emergency Call Centers - 10-24-12
Select Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines - 10-10-12
Select Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines - 03-16-12
Select Upcoming Regulatory Deadlines - 03-08-12
UN to Regulate the Internet? - 03-06-12
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Guidelines- 02-27-12
FCC Adopts Rules to Stop Some Unwanted Telemarketing "Robocalls" - 02-21-12
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines - 01-10-12
FCC Alert: IP Conferencing Providers Be Warned - Contribute to USF- 11-14-11
FCC Alert: Non-Interconnected VoIP Providers Must File 499-A & Contribute to TRS Fund - 10-18-11
New E911 Rules Take Effect Next Week 10-11-11
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines 10-07-11
FCC Cracks Down on Prepaid Calling Card Providers 9-14-11
"Hacking" - Has the True Meaning Been Distorted? 8-18-11
Proposed Legislation Would Require Mobile Carriers to to Provide Better Information to Consumers About "4G"- 8-9-11
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines- 7-11-11
Supreme Court Rules Against AT&T - 7-08-11
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines- 4-22-11
Need for Broadband Speed-- 4-20-11
AT&T/T-Mobile Putting Humpty Dumpty Back Together?-- 3-30-11
Proposed Reporting and TRS Obligations for Non-Interconnected VoIP Providers- 3-28-11
Universal Service Facelift? - 3-22-11
Universal Broadband? - 2-11-11
LTE to the Rescue- 2-7-11
Reminder UPdate: Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines- 1-25-11
California Appeal's Court Rules: Some Emails Not Protected by Attorney Client Privilege- 1-19-11
The Impact of the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules- 1-10-11
Federal Court Rules Fourth Amendment Protects Email - 12-20-10
Federal-State Joint Universal Service Recommendations - Will They Promote Affordable Telecom Services and Broadband, and at What Cost? - 11-18-10
Mobile Services Alerts: Bill or Regulation Shock- 11-1-10
Will the FCC's Proposed Mobility Fund Close the Gap in Mobile Wireless Access- 10-25-10
IUpgraded E-Rate Program: Schools and Libraries E-Ticket to the Internet and Broadband Fast Lane - 10-18-10
Internet Law: A Sea of Uncertainty-10-12-10
White Space Spectrum: “Prime Real Estate” for Super Wi-Fi?-10-04-10
FCC Announces Allocation Rules for 855 Numbers-10-1-10
FCC Universal Service Fund Reform-09-27-10
CAN SPAM What You Can Do About Unwanted Text Messages-09-20-10
Rural Broadband Federal Legislative Update-09-13-10
Cybsecurity Roadmap or Internet Security Roadblock?-09-07-10
4G vesrus 3G : Next Generation or Hoax?-08-30-10
Will Reduced Wireless Backhaul Costs Promote Broadband? - 08-23-10
Broadband Priority Lanes - Super Toll Road or Road to Abilene?-08-16-10
Broadband: The Devil is in the Details - Part Two -08-11-10
Broadband: The Devil is in the Details- Part One - 08-10-10
Broadband: Back to the Future?-08-06-10
Rural Broadband: Miles to Go Before We Sleep-08-05-10
Third Circuit Rejects De Beers Class Settlement-08-02-10
VOIP and Social Objectives-07-26-10
Verizon to Pay Customers $21M for Early Termination Fee Policy-07-20-10
Select Upcoming FCC Regulatory Deadlines-07-12-10
The Future of Broadband: "The Third Way"-06-24-10
Federal Court Rules on Net Neutrality-04-07-10
FollowUPdateSM on Early Termination Fees-07-30-08
Developments Shape the Internet - "Opt-In" Web Tracking-07-23-08
ACLU Vows to Challenge FISA Immunity Problems-07-16-08
E-mail Privacy at the Office-07-08-08
FCC Rules that Verizon May Not Use Customer Proprietary Information In Efforts to Retain Customers -07-02-08
FCC Holds Public Hearings on Early Termination Fees-07-19-08
Special Alert Election Edition: Media Ownership -- Where do Obama and McCain stand?-06-16-08
Federal Court Rules that Carriers Can be Held Liable for the Acts of their Agents-06-03-08
Emerging Market Subscribership Outshines US Telecom Giants-06-02-08
Wireless & VoIP Snatch Landline Customers-05-27-08
DAC Private Cause of Action-07-13-05
FCC Considers Toughening Customer Privacy Rules-03-01-06
Court Remands Dial Around Rules02-03-03
Powell Statement on WorldCom Bankruptcy-07-22-02
CPNI Rules-07-18-02
FCC Qwest 271 Proceedings-07-15-02
FCC Analysis of-European Tele Reg. Framework-07-13-02
FCC 271 Proceedings-07-10-02
FCC Fee Schedule-07-08-02
Qwest Criminal Investigation-07-05-02
FCC Five Year Plan-07-03-02
Recent FCC Reports-Wireless06-25-02
Recent FCC Reports-06-04-02
Filed Rate Doctrine Lives-05-02-02
Congress Considers Bill to Delay 700 MHz Auctions-04-26-02
Broadband Over Cable-04-22-02
Cable Modem Service-04-11-02
No Private Cause of Action for DAC- 03-15-02

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