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Legal Services for Telecommunications and Technology Companies

Technology Law Group is widely recognized for its expertise in telecommunications and technology issues and for its ability to apply creative approaches to complex legal issues. Our knowledge and creativity allows our clients to obtain extraordinary results and to win the most difficult cases.

If you are not getting timely personal service from telecom counsel who really understand the telecommunications and technology industries, who will protect you through proper agreements and who will vigorously and successfully defend your rights before government agencies or the courts, you should get to know us.

If you have any questions about Technology Law Group or the services we provide, or if you simply want to chat about telecommunications issues, please feel free to contact Neil S. Ende, Esq., the firm's managing partner.

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on Telecommunications Agreements Ins and Outs

Telecommunications Agreements Ins and Outs

  Recent Accomplishments and Happenings  

Technology Law Group will be speaking and exhibiting at the Cloud Partners Event at National Harbor in Washington DC, Aug 15   Join the many telecom businesses who are members of the Telecom Law Center on LinkedIn.. .

Listen to Neil Ende's Interviews from the VSR Business Optimization Summit:


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  Sky Radio Network Interviews Neil S. Ende  

Sky Radio Network interviews the Technology Law Group founding partner on arbitration issues as part of the America's Premier Lawyers series.

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Highlighted Practice Area

Intellectual Property and Software

The attorneys at Technology Law Group have more than three decades of experience in intellectual property (trademarks and copyrights) and software issues. Our work on intellectual property issues includes licensing and litigation. Our work on software issues includes software licensing agreements, software pirating issues and software litigation.


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TLG Helps with Cell Tower Location Disputes

The attorneys at Technology Law Group have decades of experience in the cellular industry. Our areas of expertise include issues surrounding the location of cellular towers in residential communities, parks and school settings.  This experience has made it possible us to help numerous
communities defeat efforts to locate towers in their neighborhoods. Although the wireless companies have used their political clout to stack the legal deck in their favor, it is still possible to win these fights with the right team, expertise and strategy. If you are confronting the location of a cellular tower in an inappropriate location in your community, contact us—we can help!